The immigrant visa section settles the application for visa of the personalities who want to travel to the USA for living in long term (residence) including the immediate relatives or family of the US citizen or US Permanent resident, fiance (fiancee) of the US citizen, the aliens who travel to the USA for working, and Amerasian.
Summary of the process for obtaining visa
In general, a person who wants to immigrate to the USA should have a petition approved by the US Citizen & Immigration Service (USCIS) before filing application for immigrant visa. When approve by USCIS, the petition will be transferred to National Visa Center (NVC) to proceed the petition. When NVC completes the procedure, the petition will be scheduled by NVC for interview and transmitted to the US Consulate in Hochiminh City for interviewing the applicant.
1. If you want to establish the petition for fiance (fiancee) or a member in the family, please check petition establishment.
2. If you have been approved by USCIS and it is keeping at NVC, please check the process of petition at National Visa Center
3. If scheduled for interview, please check the process of petition.
Working hours
Interview: just for the appointed cases.
The applicants for immigrant visa are scheduled for interview by NVC or the office of the Consulate.
Submission of additional documents as per requirement: Following the letter for appointment or in any day from 1:00-2:00 pm in the working days
For the petitioner as US citizen who is present in Hochiminh City: At 4:00 to 5:00 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday (except the holidays and the internal training days), the consul officer will be ready to explain the questions about the status of immigrant petition. The Petitioner can submit more paperwork for his/her valid document but the document will be considered later. The applicants will not be re-interviewed and which petitions were closed at our office will not be opened or reconsidered in this period.
Note: This service is only for petitioner as the US citizen in the said period. If the petitioner (US citizen) wants to use this opportunity he/she should bring the passport and complete the information form when coming to the US Consulate General about 3:45 to 4:15 pm in two said days at window B of Immigrant Visa Section.
The US Consulate general closes on the Vietnamese and US holidays.
Please, pay attention that following the US Law, we are only permitted to supply the detailed information about the petition for visa to the petitioner, applicant, or the legal representative of the petition.
The inportant attention
Please, pay attention that the signature of the applicant in any visa form is very the assurance of the applicant for all information that the applicant supplies is true and exact. The applicant itself should be responsible personally as well as legal aspect, even when a travel agency or another person prepares the documents for the applicant. For any fraudulent document or deliberation to supply the error information can lead to the matter that the applicant does not meet the criteria forever for any visa in the future.

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