Submission of application for visa
STEP 1: Commencing from May 17, 2010, the US Consulate General requests all the applicants to submit form DS-160 when participating the interview. We will not receive form DS-156 more (except the applicants submit the fiance/fiancee visa and the visa for Commercial Investment Cooperation as per Agreement).
NOTE: The applicants obtaining fiance/fiancee visa and Commercial Investment Cooperation as per Agreement do not use form DS-160 that they should use form DS-156.
STEP 2: Payment of visa fee
STEP 3: To prepare a passport photo size 5cm x 5cm that used for form DS-160. The applicant should bring the passport photo to the interview.
STEP 4: To prepare the necessary documents.
STEP 5: To use the valid passport. The applicant should use the valid passport at least for 6 months from the date estimated to enter into the USA.
STEP 6: Registration of the appointment through internet.
NOTE: Each applicant is only put an appointment for each interview. If any applicant puts more than an appointment then all appointments of such applicant will be cancelled in the system.
The applicant can lick here to submit application for early interview if in the system hasn’t remained any appointment on time for entry into the school of the applicant. The applicants who satisfy the following standards can apply for early interview:
• The applicant is the student (F-1, M-1 visa) not to be denied student visa within 12 months ago.
• The applicant as the student request for re-issuance of expired visa.
• The applicant is the exchange visitor (J-1 visa) who hasn’t been denied cultural exchange visa within 12 months ago.
STEP 7: To come to the Consulate for interview
The applicant should come to the Consulate not sooner than 20 minutes in comparison with the appointed time.
If granted visa, the applicant will be received back passport together with visa through EMS within 03 working days. The fee for EMS is 30,000 or 50,000 VND depending on the location for delivery. This fee should be paid by cash, in Vietnam currency. If denied visa, the applicant will be returned passport together with the other necessary documents after the interview.

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