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The Việt Mỹ Commercial Stock Company and its expert staff can help achieve study procedures for Australia within the shortest time.

Australian Universities have been achieving a real breakthrough in terms of science and technology, and in their vocational school system (TAFE) based on industrial criteria, which has become a reference in terms of training for countries in Asia and the Pacific.

Owing to Australia’s relative proximity to Viêt Nam, the importance of the Vietnamese community it fosters (the fourth in size in the world), its mild climate, expanding economical, political and cultural exchanges between the two countries, the welcoming and friendly policy of the Australian government towards Viêt Nam, study migration to Australia can hardly be more favorable. Graduated students have the opportunity to settle in Australia as skillful migrants, as this 20-million-inhabitant country badly needs young skillful and highly specialized people. Australia keeps a great number of full scholarships for Viêt Nam, which are managed by Aussaid (Australian agency for aid in development) and Australian Universities.

Courses in Australia (12,000 in total) are internationally recognized. Tuitions and living costs in Australia are relatively low as compared to some other countries such as England, the U.S. or Canada. Living and studying environments in Australia are safe. On the other hand, this is a country where life standard and life quality are considered high. The educational system is standardized. For such reasons, the number of international students coming to study in Australia is third in importance among English-speaking countries, i.e. the U.S. and the United Kingdom.

Dynamic and polycultural population, relative proximity to Asia as compared to North America or Europe, are other factors inducing Asian students to choose Australia.. Moreover, international students are allowed to take jobs up to 20 hours per week during study period and full time during holidays.

Australian regular schools, universities, colleges and vocational schools are controlled by the Government and must comply with Government’s strict standards for teaching quality and professional ethics…

There are annually 2,000 Vietnamese students migrating to Australia for study. The students may take jobs for 20 hours per week during study period and full-time during holidays.

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