About studying in the United States

The Vietnamese American Commercial Stock Company is specialized in obtaining scholarships, registration and visa for students willing to study in the United States.

Education in the United States is envied by so many students throughout the world for its high quality and also because of this nation’s most advanced science and technology. Among the Vietnamese American Commercial Stock Company managers are many former long-stay students in the U.S. and many experienced Professors in Vietnam. We specialize in providing guidance to students about all the teaching establishments and all the branches of study in the U.S.

In the context of strongly developing trade between Vietnam and the U.S., a huge Vietnamese community (about 1 million people) living in the States, principally in California, Texas, Florida and New York, and considering the fame of this nation’s educational system and the profusion of scholarships for university and post-graduate study they grant, there is no wonder that the United States of America are the primary destination for Vietnamese oversea students. There are annually 3,500 Vietnamese students migrating to the U.S. for their study (data from IIE). Diplomas you obtain there are held high in consideration by employers. We have connections in the States to help truly gifted students get scholarships, and to advise concretely about life in the U.S.

Our ex-students in the U.S. will help the new migrant students for the shortest way to acquire conversational English skill.

Honesty and Loyalty are principles laying the base for our Action, we the Vietnamese American Commercial Stock Company. We commit ourselves in achieving registration and visa delivery within the shortest time.

In case you are interested, please contact:

Vietnamese American Commercial Stock Company

    • – Liaison address in Ho Chi Minh City: A17 Residence block 321 Dao Duy Anh Street – Ward 9 – Phu Nhuan District
    • – Telephone: (08) 38421878
    • – Fax: (08) 38440976
    • – Liaison address in Ha Noi City: 42A Vinh Phuc 3- Lieu Giai Street- Ba Dinh District
    • – Telephone: (04) 37647101
    • – Fax: (04) 22469698
    • – Liaison address in The United States: 10141 Westminster Ave, # 212, Garden Grove, CA 92843
    • – Telephone: 714-519-1388( Mr. Huy Reasonover)
    • – Fax: 714-236-0754
    • – Email: huyuslaw@yahoo.com
Some of the most representative Universities and Colleges:
  • – University of California
  • – State University of New York
  • – San Francisco State Univeristy
  • – Golden Gate University, San Francisco, CA
  • – University of Houston
Conditions for registration:
  • – Student capacity: at least medium
  • – Level of English: common communication (High TOEFL marks are an asset)
  • – Financial capacity: the amount saved in the bank must be more than 20,000 USD
  • – Income capacity: Proof of income

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